Professional Photographer

Today, as a professional photographer I draw from all of my ventures, studies and passions that have crossed the hair, food & wine, and print media industries. Every one of these learnt skills are relevant and useful to me whether I’m photographing a bride, a building or a baby as they all carry the common thread of creativity and engagement with people.

Although I’ve always enjoyed the impact, emotion, drama, truth or fantasy that photography provides it was my experience as a freelance journalist which forced me to rethink the power of photography. Hooked on the stories I could tell in pictures, I swapped the keyboard for the camera in 2008. I became a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and proudly began winning industry Awards. I’m also fortunate to enjoy the expertise and encouragement of other family members who are highly acclaimed in the photographic industry. I continue to take time to expand my craft, draw inspiration and seek knowledge from contemporary and past masters of the arts. I am respectful of aspiring to technical perfection, however, my greatest consideration is to make photographic images that best reflect the story, the mood and the magic of the moment. For this I rely on my clients’ trust, my intuition and my eye.